Martin Olsson is proud to present a Norwegian produced series of condiments for the modern gourmand.

We have been working all over the world within the restaurant business for a long time. Our products are a result of this journey and we are so pleased with the result that we want to share them with you!


Mustard is an ancient product and its use stretches all the way back to Roman times. With time the spice became more and more refined, and the taste more harmonic. Now it’s common to create mustard in different variations such as sweet, strong or sour.

In my family mustard has played an important part of our history. There has always been grandma’s mustard alongside the “slottsstek” (swedish roast), the meatballs on Tuesdays or as a important condiment along with the traditional Christmas feast. There has always been a version of grandma’s mustard no matter which generation you ask. How far back in time this tradition stretches is unclear, but the cannonball (pictured on this page) belonged to my grandmother’s grandmother and once upon a time -She would churned the mustard seeds by hand and created her own unique mustard.

The people behind Martin Olsson are proud to continue this legacy and bring a small part of this history in to the future! After plenty of hours in the kitchen, starting with a few mustard seeds, a dash of family history and a burning commitment, we created our own mustard. With one foot in the past and the other in the future.


Martin Olsson isn’t all about mustard. Off course, that’s where it all began, and it is still the cornerstone of the company. But with time we have expanded our vision and our product range. With clean and natural commodities combined with plenty of experience, we create products that we think are missing from today’s market. Really tasty products that exceeds your expectations. Tastes that are able to take you back, as well as bringing you on a journey forward.

We wish to create condiments well beyond the normal range. Products you will proudly present alongside your most precious food creations, and trust that we are just as proud as you! /Martin Olsson As